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Unstuffed Vegan Stuffed Peppers 

Unstuffed vegan, gluten-free stuffed peppers was one of the very first recipes I ever created. It was also one of the very first that my Dad regularly requested, and liked better than the version with meat. The original recipe calls for zucchini and regular tomato sauce – both of which when I found out about… Continue reading Unstuffed Vegan Stuffed Peppers 

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Jalapeño Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers

These homemade, gluten-free jalapeño goat cheese turkey burgers are awesome. Not only can you taste the goat cheese after they are cooked, they are not overly spicy and have a mild overall flavor. The cheese really helps lock in the juiciness. While the diced vegetables add a nice layer of flavor that’s complementary and not… Continue reading Jalapeño Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers