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Pasta, Wine and Cheese at Eataly Chicago

“If you have more than four ingredients, then you are hiding something,” That’s what the Eataly Chicago server who brought my delicious pasta dish told me when I asked him what the secret was behind the slight spiciness of dish. He then revealed chili flakes was the root of the spiciness in my rigatoni dish.… Continue reading Pasta, Wine and Cheese at Eataly Chicago

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The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville

If I had to give you a quick summary of The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, I would say this, “great music and great food.” Originally, I was super bummed, because I had wanted to go to the Bluebird Cafe while we were here, but tickets for that Friday night sold out within minutes. I… Continue reading The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville


Vegan Burger at Zinburger 

Zinburger first caught my eye a few months back while driving in New Jersey It sounded interesting, but didn’t pay much attention. Then, a friend of mine mentioned it in conversation. I decided to look it up. A burger and wine bar. Interesting concept. Surely, they wouldn’t have anything vegetarian, never mind vegan, right? Wrong.… Continue reading Vegan Burger at Zinburger