Michelle Maskaly is a Jersey-born, single 30-something journalist,  content creator and business consultant with editorial, sales, business development, branding and marketing experience.

Michelle Maskaly

She lives on the East Coast with her two dogs, four tortoises, two birds and fish. A natural writer, she has always enjoyed cooking, traveling, gardening, exploring, learning about the area around her and saving money while still making as many memories as possible.

As a result, she has found herself for years always saying, “it’s always an adventure.” Whether it’s been in the kitchen, on the top of a mountain, mid-interview or 30,000 feet in the air, her life seems to always have a plot twist.

Her philosophy is that woman these days are just as comfortable in the kitchen as they are in the boardroom, and can pitch a business plan just as good as a softball.

When it comes to lifestyle content creation, Michelle is a home cook, who loves the outdoors, traveling, kayaking, learning new things, adventure, entertaining and pretty much all that life has to offer.

Please note, Michelle writes a lot about her experiences with food, nutrition, mental issues and animal health, however she not a chef, dietitian, doctor or veterinarian.

Michelle Maskaly
Michelle Maskaly

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