Simple Way to Upcycle Old Buckets Into Garden Planters

If you know me, you know I love plants, gardens, flowers and growing my own food. Sometimes, I can go a little overboard, like when my dad asked me to pick him up some tomato plants and I came home with 43 of them. 

Well, I decided that to solve some space issues, (yes, because of the 43 tomato plants) I was going to start some seeds in buckets and grown the veggies and flowers in there. 

It was so easy to upcycle these old buckets from a neighbor into planters.

First, drill several holes in the side toward the bottom to let the water drain out. 

If you want, you can spray paint them various colors and even add designs. I didn’t have time to do this, but next year I will plan ahead, and do it. 

Second, fill the bottom with a few inches of rocks to help the water drain out. 

Third fillwith dirt. We have a pile of dirt sitting covered in the backyard that we use for these things, but any good soil will do. 

After you plant your seeds and water them, cover the buckets with plastic wrap and ties a string around the edge to hold it down. This creates a greenhouse effect and usually helps the seeds start faster. 

Using a perminent market, write on the side of the bucket what it is you planted – because if you’re like me and plant a million things, you’ll forget what seeds are in which pot! 

Super easy! 

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