My New Chiropractor Might Be Bad for My Health

My new chiropractor might end up being bad for my health – his office is 10 minutes away from an Italian supermarket. 

I accidentially discovered the supermarket two years ago after leaving a client meeting. I picked up some of the best breaded eggplant cutlets I’ve ever had, fresh made mozzarella and Brooklyn-made bread. 

When I figured out my new chiropractor was 10 minutes from this supermarket, Corrados in Fairfield, NJ, I immediately put the address into my GPS. 

This will not be a regular thing, because it’s obviously against every single one of my food allergies and after three days of eating this, my face is already breaking out, it was a nice treat. 

I got eggplant cutlets, fresh mozzarella and bread to share with my Dad, who watches the dogs during the day. 

I also made a fresh grilled pizza using what was left of the mozzarella. It came awesome, and was the perfect comfort food I needed after receiving some not-so-great news. This is meal I haven’t made in forever! 

If you’re ever in the area of one of their supermarkets in New Jersey, I highly suggest stopping in. 

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