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First Time Cooking With Cast Iron: Paleo, Gluten-Free Veggie Frittata

Cooking with cast iron has always intimidated me. Years ago I bought a three-pan set that didn’t come preseasoned. I ruined them.

Christmas 2015 I bought a new set that I couldn’t wait to cook on. The guy I was seeing at the time swore by them, and figured he could show me how to properly cook with them. He never showed up.

Determined to finally learn, I came across a pre-seasoned 8-inch skillet in TJ Maxx on Saturday for $6 on clearance. Six bucks! I bought it and read pretty much everything I could about cooking with cast iron before using it this evening to make a frittata.

Initial thoughts –

  • The veggies came awesome. Likely the best pan-cooked veggies I have ever had. Now I know why they use the cast iron for the fajitas in the restaurants. Seriously. The flavors were intense and really shined.
  • It’s not as hard as it looks. I’m not sure what I was so afraid of!
  • Everything seemed to cook evenly.
  • Nothing burned!
  • I should have let the bottom of the egg set a little longer before putting it in the oven.
  • The pan is a bit heavy.
  • I can’t wait to try making more things!
  • It is going to take some practice.

I started with a tablespoon of oil and then added the veggies, followed by the eggs mixture. Then, once it was ready, I put it in the oven to finish frittata-ing.

I was so nervous taking it our of the oven. It says to broil it at the end, but I decided against it, because I thought I might have cooked it too long.

It tasted great, but I do think that I needed to let the egg set a little longer on the bottom before putting it in theĀ oven. Because, as you can see in the photo below, the bottom was missing a bit and the veggies came right through.

It did stick a little to the pan, but using a plastic utensil, I scrapped it out and then followed the instructions and cleaned it by boiling water in the pan, dumping it out and then wiping it clean with a paper towel.


As for the frittata, I used Nom Nom Paleo’s Easy Paleo Frittata recipe as a a guide. I liked this because it was exactly that – a guide, and I was able to make it fit my preferences absolutely perfectly! I didn’t have any meat, so I went full veggie with fresh copped organic baby spinach, red peppers, onions and Trader Joe’s sun-dried tomatoes. I also used lite coconut milk.

Do you cook with cast iron? If so, I would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below. I can still use any help I can get. Also, if you have a favorite frittata or cast iron recipe, I would love it if you shared a link.

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