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The Cutest Mini Waffle Maker and Paleo Waffles 

I love mini everything, so when I was in Marshalls and stumbled across a Dash Go mini-waffle maker for $7, I knew I had to try it. First, I thought they would be the perfect size to quickly reheat in the mornings and take to work with me, and second, I thought they would be adorable to make waffle dog treats in.

Okay, I will be honest. After reading the directions, or lack-there-of, I was slightly nervous about whether this new appliance was going to be worth the $7. After all, it doesn’t inform you of when to take the waffle out. You have to pretty much guess.

But, after playing around with it, and having delicious paleo waffles for a week, I was impressed and can’t wait to make more.


I mean, seriously, is this not just the cutest thing ever?! Of course I had to take a photo of it next to my regular waffle maker so to show the difference in size.

These come much more dense than in the large waffle maker, and they are not as crispy as when I make waffles in my Belgian waffle maker, but they are really good, healthy and serve the purpose of having a healthy, quick meal without being late for work.

I used this paleo, gluten-free banana coconut flour waffle recipe. It made about eight waffles, which I intended to freeze, but instead put in the fridge and then heated up by putting them in the toaster.

They became lunch, dinner, and oh, yeah, breakfast, too! They never lost their flavor, and they were much healthier than your typical frozen waffle. They were also filling without being heavy.



One last note, this would be perfect for travel. It’s small, compact and doesn’t take up much room.

Enjoy with a little pure maple syrup for both a sweet and healthy treat!


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