Sick Days

It is almost 60 degrees on a February Saturday in the northeast and I am sitting under blankets surrounded by my dogs on the couch. If this cold doesn’t kill me, this will.

Seriously, I haven’t been feeling well for the week. Whatever this is, it really needs to be evicted from my body. It feels like the flu and strep, but without the fever. It started last Friday night. I felt a little better Saturday afternoon, so I took the dogs out to play in the yard a little and then after about 20 minutes I felt terrible again, and went right back under the covers.

I went into work for a few hours on Tuesday,  but with no voice, constant sneezing and sniffling, not being able to comprehend anything I was actually doing, and feeling like my head was going to explode, I decided I had to go home. Same thing happened Wednesday. I started to feel much better Thursday and went back to work. But, by last night, I was back on the couch with the dogs.

Being sick is really not my thing. While I don’t get sick very often, knock on wood, when I do get sick, it really hits me. I just totally knocks me for a loop.


If one thing good came out of  being sick, however, it was that I have become a pro at making healthy, gluten-free, paleo, homemade chicken soup. If you told me a year a go I would be writing that sentence, I would have laughed in your face.

Seriously, though, I read a bunch of articles and recipes on how to make good stock and broth, and then came up with my own version. I’ll share with you how I made this soup soon, as there is another pot of it cooking on my stove as I am typing.

I hope none of you catch whatever it is that I have, because this, my friends, is no fun!

Off to make more tea…. Hope your Saturday is better than mine!


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