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Creamy Spinach & Arugula Pesto Pasta

Whenever you start a post with, “don’t yell at me,” you know it’s going to be a good one.

OK, seriously, don’t yell at me. In typical Michelle form, I didn’t measure anything, except the garlic, because honestly, I didn’t think it was going to come out as well as it did. But, I always say, learn the technique and then make it your way – so follow that advice here.

I had a bunch of items in my fridge that needed using. So, I decided to make a allergy-friendly creamy spinach and arugula pesto. Although, can you really call it pesto if it doesn’t have basil in it? Again, don’t yell at me. Ha.

This came awesome. And, yes, I am bummed I didn’t do measurements, because I really want to make it again. You can see in the quick little video I shot below how pretty it looked and by using lite coconut milk, it’s pretty healthy.

So follow the technique and play around with adding as little or as much of everything as you feel the taste for. With pesto, I am always tasting to see if it needs more salt, greens, or olive oil.

You can use this on sandwiches, over pasta or any other way you would traditional pesto. I also froze some of it, so we will see how that comes out, and I will update the blog when I know. Also, nest time I make it, I will measure! 🙂

Creamy Spinach & Arugula Pesto Pasta


what I used … 

2 cloves garlic

pine nuts

baby spinach


olive oil

kosher salt

goats butter (you can use regular butter, or vegan)

gluten-free flour (I used my Premium Gold, but you can you use your fav, or regular)

lite coconut milk ( I used what was left of the can after opening it for my apple muffins)


what I did … 

In a food processor pulse the garlic, pine nuts and several handfuls of spinach until it’s chopped up. Add in several handfuls of the arugula and do the same.

Pour in some olive oil, a little kosher salt, and pulse until smooth. Add in additional spinach, arugula and olive oil until you get the amount/taste you want. (I’d say I used about three-four cups of each arugula and spinach and eye balled the olive oil for consistency.

In a pot heat the butter. Add in enough gluten free flour so it absorbs it. Be careful it doesn’t burn. Once you create a rue, add in the coconut milk. Stir for several minutes until it’s warm and start so thicken.

Then, add in the pesto. Lower heat and mix, making sure it doesn’t boil. You just want to get it warm, but not really cook, or boil it.

Serve over pasta and top with fresh crushed red pepper flakes.


(note: on the video below I say coconut milk instead of coconut butter)

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