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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash In the Microwave 

There are a variety of ways to cook spaghetti squash, but the fastest, is in the microwave.

The thing is, there are a wide variety of cooking times out there. After growing it for the past four-ish years and cooking it for longer than I can remember,  I’ve found this is the best way to cook spaghetti squash in the microwave

First, slice it lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.

Then, cook each piece separately by placing it cut-side down in a baking dish with a little more than an inch of water. Cover with plastic plastic wrap.

Cook for about 10 minutes.

Remove from the microwave and carefully place cut-side up on a plate. Let cool until you can safely touch it and then using a fork scrap out the inside flesh.

No matter how many times I do it, it always amazes me how spaghetti-like it looks!

The next step is easy – enjoy it!

Top with your favorite sauce, or with a little olive oil and salt. Honestly, sometimes I just eat it plain with nothing on it.

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