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My Arsenal of Allergy-Friendly Road Trip Food 

Earlier this month I traveled to just southwest of Washington, D.C. for my friend’s bachelorette party. And, since I will be the first to admit, I am terrible when it comes to road food, I thought I would share with you my arsenal of healthy, allergy-friendly foods I took with me this time to avoid junk.

Let me start off with explaining that when my family went on a road trip, which we did all the time, because my Mom wouldn’t, and couldn’t, fly, we always brought food with us to save money. A bag of goodies in the car, and then a cooler with regular food, like lunchmeat, veggies, cheese and other items. It not only saved money, but also kept things mostly healthy.

I have always done the same. Even when I flew so much for work, I tried to always bring health snacks with me. Since learning about my food allergies, those snacks have changed, and have, at the same time, become harder and so important to have on hand.

This last trip, I went to my local Wegmans and really did some digging for things that would fit my food allergies and budget. I used what I found not only as road trip snacks, but as a healthy breakfast while I was away.

This is what I found:

  • Bare Snacks ~ These are 100 percent addicting. Very simply, they are baked, crispy apples. They have a variety of other fruits, but the apples were my absolute favorite.
  • Lundberg Rice Cakes ~ Vegan, gluten-free, organic and non-gmo. Does it get any better? I really liked the wild rice ones. As you will see in the photo below, I used this to also make a healthy breakfast.
  • Udi’s Gluten Free Simple Au Naturel Granola ~  I love granola, but aways have a hard time finding a commercially produced one, until now. I had never seen this variety before, but am so thankful for it.
  • Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter ~ This was originally bought for my dogs last year. When I started making them homemade treats I saw that so many other peanut butters had things in them that shouldn’t be, and could have been harmful to them. All I wanted was plain peanut butter that wasn’t crazy expensive. Now, I don’t buy anything else.
  • Bumble Bee Premium Wild Caught Pink Salmon Pouches ~ Canned fish drives me nuts. You would think it was just the fish and either water or oil. You know, exactly what it says on the can or pouch. Not the case. I have found a lot of time they have vegetable broth in them or something else that I cannot be sure what the ingredients in that are. This is the only pouch version so far that I have found to contain just salmon, water and salt. Having protein in my diet is super important and while the cans are great when I’m home, the pouch is a lot easier when on the road.
  • Fresh Fruit ~ I like to take apples and bananas as fresh fruit, because they typically stay pretty well and are easy to eat while on the move.
  • Nuts ~ For most people this would be super easy. For me, this becomes a problem with my food allergies. Many of the nuts use sunflower or undisclosed oils, which I cannot have. I have found that this particular brand of Planters is allergy friendly for my sensitivities.


I made this for a quick breakfast one of the mornings, and have even started eating this at home. Cover a rice cake with the peanut butter, add a sprinkle of the granola and then top with sliced bananas. When I am home, I will sometimes add cinnamon on top.

Eating healthy while on a road trip is not as difficult as most people think, even with food allergies. It just takes some planning.


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