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$6 Bottles of Italian Wine

When you’re unemployed, a $6 bottle of Italian wine sounds like a great plan. But, how does it taste?

For a while now, Wegmans with liquor stores have featured $6 red and white wines. I’ve tried a pinot noir and a malbec in the past. One was so-so, and the other was downright terrible. The fact that I can’t remember which was which, should tell you something.

However, after I lost my job, and having just come back from Italy a month before, I figured I would try the red and white wines from Italy they had featured. I was pleasantly surprised – so were my friends when I told them the price.

I’m actually enjoying their $6 bottles of Conti Torraiolo Sangiovese and Trebbiano-Chardonnay. I like the red just to drink, especially with meal that has red sauce. It’s hardy flavor is a perfect match.

And, the white, is a good with-dinner wine, but also is also great for cooking. A friend who visited made a baked fish dish and used this wine in it, and for a white wine butter sauce. She was pleasantly surprised, asking where I got it from, because she wanted to pick up a bottle.

Since I don’t live near a Wegmans, I usually pick up a few bottles when I go to visit my Dad in New Jersey.



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