Toby’s 8th Gotcha Day Celebration

Tuesday, April 5, marked 8 years since I took my little Toby home.

Little did I know than, how much that then 6 pound, 5-month-old ball of fur would change my entire life. So many things have happened, because of him.

They say a dog can change your life. Toby has done this in some of the most profound ways. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am career wise and I would have never met some of the amazing people I now call friends.

To say I owe him a lot, would be an understatement. So, despite knowing his birthday, I always celebrate both his birthday and his Gotcha Day. In some ways, his Gotcha Day is a bit more special to me, because it is when he became part of my life.

To celebrate I decided I was going to take him on a mini adventure – just him and me.

We started out with his first pupachino from Starbucks. It was hilarious. There was whipped cream all over his face!

Then, we went for a little walk in downtown Saratoga Springs where we visited Sloppy Kisses, a dog boutique that has a bakery counter. We picked out a special treat he could share with his brother later on in the night.

After that, we headed to another local pet store, Benson’s where I let Toby pick out a toy and an antler. Boy, does this dog love antlers! When we got home, he wouldn’t let anyone near him while he was playing with it, and by the next day, he had pretty much chewed through it all.

Back at home before bed, Toby and Maddux shared a bite of the Gotcha Day cannoli that we picked up at Sloppy Kisses.

After all that, Toby was exhausted and passed out on the couch. He also spent the next day in bed with a Gotcha Day hangover.


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