My Worst Valentine’s Days

On the radio the other day they were asking for people to call in and share their worst Valentine’s Days. If I weren’t driving, I would have called in, because pretty much every Valentine’s Day as been the worst.

I thought the topic would make a good blog post.


Let’s start out with high school. When they passed out carnations during homeroom, it was nerve-racking. I was always sick to my stomach that I was going to be the only loser who wouldn’t get one. Thankfully, usually one of my female friends would send me one, so it wasn’t terrible. At least I wasn’t sitting there with an empty desk.

Moving on to college. I had a boyfriend going into college and my first two years. Our first Valentine’s Day was pretty uneventful, as was the second. In fact, all I remember is that for one of them, he brought me for a very cold, and short, walk at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. I do remember there were no flowers involved.

In my mid-20s, my then boyfriend never thought to do anything romantic or special, for well, pretty much anything. One year, he even forgot it was my birthday.

Oh, yes, and then there was a hiking date with my dog and a former co-worker. This had so much potential. It was chilly, but still perfect for a hike in central New York along the Hudson River. I should have known when my usually friendly dog didn’t want anything to do with him. Long story short, in the middle of the hike, well after we had shared a pretty romantic kiss, I found out that he was seeing someone, but they were out-of-state for the weekend.

In the interest of keeping blog posts short, I will stop there, but I could write an entire book about this.


What are some of your best worst Valentine’s Day stories?

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