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Pasta, Wine and Cheese at Eataly Chicago

“If you have more than four ingredients, then you are hiding something,”

That’s what the Eataly Chicago server who brought my delicious pasta dish told me when I asked him what the secret was behind the slight spiciness of dish. He then revealed chili flakes was the root of the spiciness in my rigatoni dish. His quote, he explained was what Italians believe when they are cooking.

Whatever was in that pasta, it was one of the best meals I’ve eaten. Actually, my whole experience at Eataly Chicago was amazing. After always wanting to check out the hype, I finally made it there in December, right before Christmas. It did not disappoint.

Actually, it was very overwhelming, with more food and wine than you could ever imagine. It was slightly sensory overload, as well as a pretty popular destination on a Saturday night.

I started the night with some wine and likely the best fresh mozzarella I have ever had, along with several pieces of fresh-baked bread dipped in olive oil. I had never eaten mozzarella the way it was served there. The flavor was better than anything I’ve ever had.

After walking around the store for a hour, while still sipping my glass of red wine, I finally settled on which of the many restaurants I wanted to eat at and grabbed a seat at the bar, which overlooks the kitchen. It was so fun to sit there and watch them cook the dinner, trying to guess which one was my dish.

The hybrid supermarket, restaurant, bar, gathering place, was so impressive. From the products available to the fresh pastas, meats, seafood, cheeses, to the wines and beers to the produce — everything was just fresh. And, the prices — I was very surprised — they were very reasonable.


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