Bear Down! My First Chicago Bears Game

If you know me, you know I love almost anything live, especially live sporting events. I want to visit as many stadiums as I can, and absolutely love the excitement of sitting in a stadium or arena watching an event.

In December, I went to Chicago for a weekend and when my original plans didn’t work out like I hoped, I made the best of it and decided to go to a Chicago Bears game – something that has always been on my bucket list. I’ve been to Chicago a lot in the past few years, but it never works out that the Bears are playing at home, so I was super stoked when I found out they would be playing.

First, coming from the East Coast, land of sky-high priced sporting tickets for a nose bleed seat, I was pretty impressed that for just over $100 I could get a ticket in the end zone – only a few rows from the field. This in my book, was totally awesome, especially since it was only a day before the game.

Second, the stadium was great. It felt way smaller than the big MetLife and Giants Stadiums I’ve been to in the past. It was more intimate, and fun.

Third, the excitement at a Chicago sporting even is unlike any other I have experienced. I’ve felt it at Cubs, White Sox and Blackhawks games, and the Bears game was no different. There is just this contagious energy that pumps up your adrenaline.

Highlights for me included walking around the stadium and seeing a piece of history. Stadiums, for me, are like landmarks – places that hold a piece of past, current and future history.

Some tips:

– I used Uber to get there, but really, it is walkable. I couldn’t get an Uber back, so I walked back to my hotel after the game. If it weren’t in the pouring ran, it would have been fine. But, please note, I went to an early game, so it wasn’t dark out when I left. I wouldn’t suggest walking after a later game.

– Speaking of the early game, I almost had a major blunder. Coming from the East Coast, for some reason, I figured the 1 p.m. game was still at 1 p.m. When you are in Chicago, the 1 p.m. game is actually at noon. Not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier than I did. But, I did think of it and disaster averted.

Such fun time — despite the Bears losing the game.



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