Harold’s New York Deli

Wow. There really are no words for Harold’s New York Deli located in Edison, N.J.

I had been to this place one other time to pick up food to take to my aunt in Virginia, but I had never eaten there. The portions are giant, but the food is amazing.

A couple of friends went there the day after Thanksgiving, and invited me to tag along. The menu is huge, which matches the portions. One “sandwich” can feed multiple people and still have enough to take home. The photo above – that was only half the sandwich, and we had already eaten some!

Oh, and don’t forget about the pickle bar, which also has all the rye bread anyone could ask for.

This place is truly an experience in itself.  I really wanted to try the soup, which was delicious, as well as the potato knish, which I could do without. The roasted turkey, which my friend ordered along with pastrami, which I didn’t try, was moist, flavorful and basically perfect – everything you would want in good roasted turkey.

My photos don’t do it justice, so if you are in the central New Jersey area make sure you stop by for a bite — a really big bite!

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