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The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville

If I had to give you a quick summary of The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, I would say this, “great music and great food.”

Originally, I was super bummed, because I had wanted to go to the Bluebird Cafe while we were here, but tickets for that Friday night sold out within minutes. I researched what would be something similar and The Listening Room Cafe came up. I am happy it did.

The black tables, brick walls and soft strung lighting creates an intimate setting where you can listen to some of Nashville’s up and coming artists with their instrument of choice and original music. It was also not overly packed, which makes making reservations in advance a must, because they don’t pack people in.

In addition to great music, the food¬†was excellent, too. Let’s put it this way, I took a bite of my turkey apple crisp and turned to my friend and said, “I so missed meat.” That sandwich, shaved smoked turkey, cranberry mayo, bacon, swiss cheese and sliced Granny Smith apples on wheat berry bread, made me happy I was no longer a vegan.

I would however stay way from the bacon fried green tomatoes. Despite the menu saying it was featured in “Travel + Leisure” magazine, none of us were impressed. Maybe it was the appetizer dish came after we had already started eating our meal, and the flavor from the sandwich was so powerful, but we all pretty much had a similar negative reaction to the dish. Save your money and order another glass of wine instead.



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