What a Perfect Day

I don’t say those three worlds very often. Perfect and day are usually never in the same sentence, but today, they are, because, it was..

It started out with taking my dogs to the yearly motorcycle parade, followed by a fabulous outdoor breakfast with them sitting at my feet. After that we signed up for the local dog park, and the boys ran around until they got pooped.

On the way home, I stopped at the local garden store where I picked up a ridiculous amount of plants including a giant bowl of lettuces — for both me and the tortoises — small packs of lettuce, poblano peppers and corn! I am so excited about trying to grown my own corn and lettuces. 

This was followed by a stop to pick up more tiki torches that were on a great sale, and pots for said lettuce.

When I got back home, the boys were exhausted and passed out on the couch. I had a small snack, did some writing and then spent time in the garden watering the plants.

I read something recently that explained to celebrate both the good and bad days. I tend to write a lot about the bad ones for some reason. Maybe because I want them all to be good days, even though ‘I know that’s not possible.

The thing is, I am on a high. I feel good about things, and I like the way it feels, so when I lose that feeling it hurts, because I know how good it feels to feel the other way.

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