Vegan Burger at Zinburger 

Zinburger first caught my eye a few months back while driving in New Jersey It sounded interesting, but didn’t pay much attention. Then, a friend of mine mentioned it in conversation.

I decided to look it up. A burger and wine bar. Interesting concept. Surely, they wouldn’t have anything vegetarian, never mind vegan, right? Wrong.

A veggie burger on the menu, that also can be made vegan. Again, all explained on the menu? Awesome.

I recently met a friend for a meal there and I was a little leery. But, it ended up being one of the better vegan burgers I’ve put in my mouth, and I am super picky when it comes to them. If it tastes too much like a regular meat burger, I don’t like it and if it’s overly vegetable loaded, I don’t like it either.

The presentation was beautiful and the taste matched it. It was a bit mushy, but not bad. You could  see the chunks of grilled corn on the cob inside the burger, so you knew it was fresh.

We ordered a side of sweet potato fries, but honestly, the vegan burger with the salad it comes with is filling enough. Zinburger is getting added to my lists of favorites.


I wish more places would take a page out of ZinBurger’s book and offer this option. It was nice to dine some place different, but still be able to eat vegan without asking for a million modifications.

There is one warning. My reasons for going vegan are more because of digestive issues and food sensitivity reasons, although when I think about what meat it, it does gross me out. However, many people do it for ethical reasons, so I will warn vegans who visit it this place, there is a giant mural of cows on the wall — at least the one I went to — which I could see making some vegans uncomfortable.


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