The Right Book at the Right Time

I love to read, but I don’t read very often. Just another contradiction in my life. 

The reason for this is I get bored easily. But two things that are interesting, when I finally find a book I truely like, I can’t stop reading it and am not satisfied until I’ve reached the end. And, just like people, I think books can come into your life for a reason or just at the right time. 

It is what happened today with Teresa J. Rhyne’s book, “The Dogs Were Rescued (and so was I).” I met Teresa last summer in Portland during my first Women In the Pet Industry Conference. We sat next to each other during the first days lunch. 

Fast forward to this past February when I decided it would be the perfect reading material on my plane ride to Paris. I went to two bookstores that were sold out of it. Literally the night before my trip I found it. It came with me to Paris and back. 

I read three pages. 

For some reason I couldn’t get into it, or any other book, on that flight. Movies seemed to be the appropriate form of entertainment to keep my mind off flying over the Atlantic. 

It’s been sitting on my nightstand ever since. The other night, after a doctors appointment that resulted in a prescription for learning how to be less stressed, high-strung and get my anxiety manageable, I picked up the book, a glass of wine (even more appropriate as I started reading the book) and headed out to sit by the fire. 


My first thought was, this book is just making me more stressed and worried. “I have a headache, hmmm, maybe it’s cancer? ” I thought to myself. But I sat next to Teresa at lunch. I knew the book wasn’t a sad one. 

And, sad it wasn’t. It was actually exactly what I needed. Right book at the right moment. 

I’ve been going through some “things” lately, one of which has to do with food, specifically what I want to eat and what apparently my body wants me to eat, or more accurately, maybe what it doesn’t want me to eat.

I keep hearing people say it really is all about what works for you, but sometimes I get sick of hearing that because it’s hard to believe. Could my body really be reacting negatively to my plant-based diet? But I’ve read about how healthy it is for you?! 

So this paragraph from the book, said by a former vegan who now eats meat, really stuck out. 

There is come thing about reading it in a book that, I don’t know, just seems to make it way more “official.” 

I am beating myself up over this, and about a zillion other things. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, but I’ve got to figure out a way to stop it, or according to my doctors, All the medicine, supplements, healthy foods in the world will do no good. Reading the author’s reaction to things were all too familiar. 

Everyone keeps telling me to not be so hard on myself. Yeah, yeah. But, it’s difficult. Isn’t being hard on yourself what successful people are supposed to do? 

Then I read this paragraph on almost the very last page of the book.


I’m glad I didn’t read this book during that trip to Paris.

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