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Mushroom Sage Quinoa and Vegan Crumbles Taco Bowl

What happens when your tacos burn to a crisp and become unusable? You make a taco bowl of course!

I mean, this has to be how “food bowls” were created, right? I sure it really had nothing to do with make it healthier.¬† Always an adventure.

But, seriously, this is an example of how to take a semi cooking fail and still make it into a delicious dinner.

In the microwave I reheated what was left of the vegan, gluten-free mushroom and sage quinoa I made the other night, and topped it with some Beyond Meat crumbles I cooked in just a little olive oil. Then, sprinkle with a little sea salt.

If you do want to make this into a taco, just fill said tacos with the mixture.

Super easy, healthy and ways to use up items in your kitchen.



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