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In My Kitchen: Banana Buckwheat Muffins

For a long time, I didn’t buy cookbooks. I mean why spend money on books when there werre so many free recipes on the internet?

Well, the problem was that when it came to baking I wasn’lt finding the quality recipes I wanted. Because, you see, I wanted ones that were delicious — don’t we all — but also both vegan and gluten free. That trio was difficult to find.

When I couldn’t sleep this morning, I got up super early and flipped through one of my recent cookbook purchase — Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking.

Let me tell you, if these Banana Buckwheart Muffins are anyting like what the rest of the book will be, I have a feeling it will not be spending much time on my bookshelf, but instead on my counter.

Written by Cara Reed, creator of, the recipe for this was super easy to follow and came out great. They rose perfectly, I was able substitute my gluten-free flour for the suggerst blend, and even my Dad was impress.
“You would never know these were gluten-free,” he said after cautiously taking a small taste.

These were so good, I even made a short video! Ok, that might have more to do with my need to begin feeling more comfortable on video, but still, these muffins were so worth a video.

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