In My Garden

In My Garden: Flowering Pansies Everywhere

I wish I was one of those people who could plant a zillion exotic flowers and landscaped them beautifully. But, I’m not. Maybe someday. 

In the meantime, I have learned that there are several flowers that are pretty common and inexpensive that I really, really enjoy. 

One of those are pansies. But, not the really big ones. I prefer the smaller, cluster of flower types.  

I started planting them two years ago and loved the way they looked. Also, for traditional annuals they weren’t crazy expensive but still had a “wildflower” feel. And, the colors! The colors were beautiful. In fact, last year, I found black ones that I scooped up immediately and without even looking at the price. 

A funny thing happens last year and this year though … this annual came back. They all came back, and even in spots where I didn’t plant them the previous year. 


I did some Google research on why this annual seems to become a perennial in my garden and the opinions are mixed. Whatever the reason, I’m happy they keep coming back. 

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