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Creating a Flower Bed: Tips to Help Decide What You Want

Since I bought my house I have wanted to plant a nice flower garden. Last year, we dug up about a foot around the back patio and I planted several different types of perennials and annuals.

This year, I decided I really wanted to finally make a significant dent in my flower garden dream and backyard bliss goal.

The area currently looks like this. 

Although we are in the beginning phases, the hardest part so far? Deciding what I actually want!

After several weeks, I decided I wanted to come out about 12 feet on each side, use wooden ties as a border and then leave an area to access the fire pit from the opposite side. Also, figured out what type of bricks I wanted under the fire pit. I seriously didn’t realize there were so many types

Today, we picked up the ties and bricks. Tomorrow, we are going to till the area, which is now covered in grass and then add some top soil to even it all out.

Part of this project is also trying to be budget conscious. So far, all the materials have cost about $130. Considering this is a pretty big landscaping project that’s not so bad.

Here are some tips that helped me at this stage to really figure out what I wanted: 

1. Plan

I hate planning, and I fought with my Dad about this, but he was right. I wanted to just dig up the grass and start putting plants in and then put a border in later. Not a great idea. 

Once I finally decided on an area, we measured it all out and that really helped with the cost aspect when deciding on what materials to use. 

2. Go to as many garden stores as possible.

I went everywhere to look at materials, and prices. Take the time to do this. See what options are out there, and look at the prices. I really thought I wanted a stone border, but the more I looked at them they were both way more expensive, and I ended up not really liking the designs they had. 

3. Think about the future. 

I’m usually already thinking steps ahead of where I am. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it hurts. In this case, it’s good, because despite the fact there was not even one tie in the ground, I am already thinking about what happens if I want to expand the garden, or put a pond in, in the future. 

The reason this is helpful is because there are certain decisions you can make now when creating the foundation that will help you in the future.  

Luckily, my Dad is up here to help me with all of this, becaue it is not a one-person job. I love doing DIY projects, especially if it is to help make my very own backyard bliss!
What’s your backyard bliss look like?


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