Vedge: Best Vegan Food in Philly 

Vedge is not only the best vegan food in Philadelphia, but it may be the best vegan food I have ever had. It is flavorful, gourmet and electic without being weird.

Everything I had was real food. There was no crazy processed fake meat, just really good, wholesome food. Once the cab driver found the place, I sat at the bar and with the recommendation of the very nice bartender, who was not a vegan, which I loved, tasted a bunch of amazing dishes.

They have appetizers, main courses, sides and desserts. Everything is “small plates,” so trying a bunch of different dishes is prertty easy, although I have to admit that I ordered way more than I could, or should, eat, but I really wanted to try as many things as possible. However, I did end up just taking a few bites of dessert and I took the potatoes home.

My absolute favorite thing that entered my mouth that night was this rutabega fondue. Served with a soft pretzel, rutabega salad, charred onion and pistachio, was the best fondue – including non-vegan — that I have ever had. I really could have just stopped there. But, I didn’t.

Next, I tried items off “The Dirt List,” which I would describe as sides. The nebrodini mushrooms as “fazzoletti,” basil and charrred tomato was sliced so thin, and erxtremely flavorful. Then, the fingerling fries with creamy worcestershire was like vegan junk food!

They accidentally brought me the wrong mushroom dish, which I did not realize until I was taking a photo of it. Although I did not taste it, the roasterd maitake mushroom with celery root fritter, smoked leek remoulade and pea leaf pure looked beautiful.

I was so stuffed, but I really wanted to try dessert. I picked the chocolate uber chunk with pretzel-peanut, malt custard and stout ice cream to try.  There were so many complex flavors in it. I just wish I wasn’t so full from dinner and could have really enjoyed it more.

This is one of those restaurants I cannot wait to go back to. It is also a place that you do not need to be a vegan to eat there and enjoy it. Anyone who appreciates well-make gourmet food, would enjoy this place. And, if someone is skeptical about vegan food, this would be a really good introduction to it.

If you go, whatever you do, order the fondue! I can still taste it.

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