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Valentine’s Day in Paris When You’re Single

When I found out I was going to Paris for work I was super excited. When I found out I would be there over Valentine’s Day weekend, that was the universe playing a cruel joke on me.

See, I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s not just because I am single. I have always disliked it, and when I was dating someone it was always disappoint. Plus, I don’t want someone to buy me flowers because Hallmark told them to. I want them to buy me flowers on a random Monday, just because.

Spending Valentine’s Day in arguably the most romantic city in the world had to be a cruel joke, I thought.

It actually was not bad, and likely the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had. Maybe it was because I couldn’t understand much, but it didn’t seem like it was as hyped here as it is in the U.S.

I spent the day on a hop on, hop off bus seeing many of the historical sites in Paris, bought Macaroons and ate chocolate at Fauchon, and sipped craftbeer brewed in Paris after I stumbled upon a microbrewery.

Afterwards, I treated myself to a better night than an date I’ve been on in recent history, starting with a walk through the Latin Quarter.

First stop was a glass of champagne at a tiny piano bar, followed by a fabulous dinner at an outdoor cafe that started with a glass of champagne that came out literally sparkling. It was followed by pasta and wine and “sparkling” creme brûlée and cognac. I never eat like that, but it was Valentine’s Day and I was in Paris.

After dinner, I strolled the streets, stopping in an Irish bar with a cover band for a little bit and then buying macaroons to bring back to the U.S.

Seriously one of the best Valentine’s Days ever. How was yours?











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