Second Day First Impressions of Paris

Second day first impressions of Paris:

– A lot of people, eat sandwiches and walk, which is more the rushed lifestyle I would expect in America, but it still seems like they are truely enjoying what they are eating and where they are going.

– Have seen pre-prepared food, but not fast food. More items like sandwiches and salads. Not one McDonalds or Chipotle so far.

– The produce, everywhere, even in the supermarkets, looks like it came fresh from the farm, like you would find at a farmers market

– Stockings, tights, nylons, whatever you want to call them, are alive and well in France. Almost no bare legs. Glad I borough hosiery with me.

– Some of the streets are a bit dirty, but the metro is super clean.

– It stinks that most people in France can speak both languages, yet as Americans there is not as much of an emphasis on global languages, which in this global economy, it really is needed.

– The bread is freaking amazing, and doesn’t make me immediately make my stomach feel bad, like it normally does.




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