Falling for Paris

It took two days, but I think I am finally starting to like Paris, because I will be honest, I wasn’t too keen on it the first 24 hours.

Maybe it was the fact I didn’t sleep on the flight, or maybe it was because I really didn’t know the language, but my first day here was tough. Maybe it was even the gloomy, overcast weather, or that I was up for 24 hours straight, or that I locked myself in my room and caught up on work, because I was intimidated. Whatever it was, I was not a happy camper until I got to my conference.

Then, everything changed. I was much more alert and felt better trying to speak broken French, or Frechglish (for those Adam Sandler movie fans). I was also in my element. I like to work. I like to learn. And, the day was filled with all of that. Sitting in a hotel room writing stories after a conference is something I am good at. It is part of what makes me, me.

After taking a quick nap, and asking the hotel for a restaurant suggestion explaining I was a vegetarian, and didn’t want something expensive, I ended up around the corner on Bld. Saint-Germaine, a much more picturesque street, and exactly what I though Paris was going to be.

Small shops, large stores with names like Louis Vuiton. Cafes with outdoor seating and cars passing by while people walk fast through the streets.

After walking for a while, and checking out a ton of menus, because seriously being a vegetarian here is a bit difficult, and some of the prices are a bit steep, I went back to Cafe Louise. They had a gnocchi dish that the server explained they could easily remove the ham from.

After not eating all day, I ate every.last.bite, while sitting outside under heaters and people watching. The gnocchi, in a not-too-heavy cream sauce came out almost like a baked macaroni with perfectly melted cheese over the top that was crispy but not burnt. And, everything was very moderately priced.

That’s when I started to fall in love with Paris.






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