Au Revoir

“Leaving on a jet plane..” Ok, I’ll stop singing, but seriously, I really am leaving on a plane in a few hours to go to, Paris! In fact, I am in the airport writing this while I wait to catch my plane.

While it is for business, it’s still my first trip ever to Europe, which is exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. Plus, I am staying a few extra days after to explore the city.

Also, cool is that randomly my friend Emmy is going to be there, so we will get to hang out after the conference is over.

I don’t speak French, but am learning a few words to hopefully get me through the trip. Basic things like, hello, goodbye, wine and I’m a vegetarian, I have mastered.

Do you have any suggestions on must-sees? I have a my ticket to the Eiffel Tower, and I have plans to do a mass at Notre Dame, but other than than I just want to walk around and explore. Oh, and of course the thing I am most looking forward to is a glass of real champagne and real croissant!

Tips and suggestions for this Paris newbie are much appreciated!


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